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Brain Based Learning is the method of using physical activity to improve learning. I had been promoting several activities to teachers in my school that were considered "brain based" in which they utilized the entire brain or made the student more aware and open for learning. After two years of development and the receiving of a $2,000 grant, we had developed an elementary model that we used to test two 3rd grade classrooms for an entire school year.

The method we developed promoted better learning in both the classroom and in Physical Education classes. The classroom teacher restructured their day to make so that motor breaks were taken every twenty minutes within instruction. These breaks could have been physical activities that the students chose to do or they were instructional activities from the teacher. The P.E. class had a dedicated day that involved activities that stimulated grwoth by using both sides of the brain. The difference here was that the two classrooms were given and extra P.E. time that allowed for this time.

After a year of this program we were able to see growth in students where we may not have seen previously. Based on AIMsweb, MAP and ISAT tests, we made a comparison of their scores to the other two 3rd grade classes who were not part of the program. We also measured compared to growth the students showed in 2nd grade and wit the help of an attitude scale, we were able to measure the percieved behavior of the students.

Overall, we were able to conclude that this method of teaching had a positive effect on student learning and behavior. Students that were designated as behavior problems or were diagnosed with AD/HD appeared to benefit even greater with the program.

In the high school setting, I have further developed and enhanced Learning Readiness Physical Education programs that target students in so that we can increase awareness and prepare the students for core subjects immediatley following their LRPE class. Futhermore, I am developing a Video website that carries "Brain Break" videos for classroom teachers to use in order to better enhance learning in the classroom and I am working on incorporating more cross-curricular activities that utilize the more of the brain in order to carry out tasks.

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County Institute Presentation - This was done in a Prezi and shows a great deal of information for grades K-12.

Powerpoint Presentation - This is an overview of some of the speaking engagements I made when talking about the brain based learning program we developed.

Classroom Activities - A small sample of some of the classroom activities that teachers instructed.

Unit Instruction - A sample of how we applied brain based activities into already existing units.

PARTY Warmup - We created this tool which is Yoga and core based. This warmup was done daily before the afternoon session started for the school day.