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Ethical LeadershipIn 1999 Park Ridge School District 64 received a grant from the Educational Leadership Foundation, a local foundation that raises monies for the school district and distributes the monies in the form of grants, that allowed for the creation of an ethical leadership program. Dr. Larry Nucci of the University of Illinois at Chicago had done extensive research on topics of ethical leadership, as well as character and moral education.

I volunteered to be a part of this program and helped to administer the program as well as develop some of the functions that would take place for the 3 years that I was part of this Ethical Leadership Conference. The conference focused on incoming 6th graders that would meet for 1 day in the summer and take part in many roleplaying situations that would encourage students to develop good moral decisions. We would also have a reunion in October to measure the effect that some of the roleplaying had on the students and introduce a few more scenarios.

Click on the following link to view the script used for one of the Ethical Leadership Conferences.

Script - Used by teachers to administer the program