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Peer Mediation


Through the Roosevelt School Improvement Plan, the non academic goal dealing with civil behavior was created to be in line with the District's civil behavior focus. While creating our plan, I volunteered to create a peer mediation program within the school.

This program focuses training 4th and 5th grade students with mediation strategies. Training takes place as a workshop at the beginning of the year and once every week throughout the school year. Peer mediation sessions are carried out with a student that is experiencing conflict with another student. The mediators help the two parties resolve the conflict at scheduled mediation times.

Funding was acquired through the local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Overall the program has successfully improved problem solving skills with the mediators and those that attend mediation sessions.

Please click on the following links to view specified form

Interview Questions - Questions used to interview every interested student who wishes to become a peer mediator.

Script - Used for a reference for training mediators who are required to memorize this script.

Contract - This is the contract that is filled out during mediation and signed by the conflicting students.

Classroom Outline - This tool was used for mediators to practice a presentation to give to all of the school's classrooms. Mediators were required to memorize the presentation before it took place.